Tijan Network Partners Sdn Bhd (TNP) and its subsidiaries is a company specializing in providing total solution on electrical power system to power utility, equipment manufacturers and service providers. The scope of services not only limited to engineering design, consultancy and services but also manufacturing of electrical products related to electrical power system.

We provide customers with end-to-end product that ensure the reliability and protection of the electrical infrastructure; from the substation, to a facility’s critical equipment, and all the power technologies in between. To date TNP has had reputable track records in delivering power electrical projects which are not only limited to supplying its own manufactured electrical products but also complete turnkey solution to power system engineering projects. Currently the following are projects TNP are embarking into:

  • LCS Electrical Distribution System
  • Development of 11kV Ring Main Units
  • Development of 11kV Compact Substation
  • Network Service Provider
  • Network Facility Provider


Established in the year 2000, the founder engaged mainly in the aerospace and maritime segment combining the captains of the industries into spearheading the group of companies.

Our objective is to establish reputation for performance and excellent through experience, commitment and resources that propagates technical competence and entrepreneurship, resulting in sustainable group in the Malaysian competitive industry.

Our aim is to be the world preferred solution provider in seven categories which are Aerospace, Defence, Maritime, Development & Construction, Energy & Commodity & Trading, Oil & Gas, and Waste Management by assist our customers by providing the tools and technologies which satisfied their needs.